In the mid-1970s, IBM introduced the electronic cash register (ECR), the first computer-based systems used by the restaurant industry. This was revolutionary. Now we know it as POS. POS systems totally changed the way of operation of restaurants, making them secure and efficient than ever. Let us have a look at the benefit POS system offers:


To deliver a great guest experience across a number of restaurants, you need to keep menus, prices and promotions consistent. The adding of new items and products leading to revising the menu is an additional cost. With a centralized cloud-based restaurant POS, you can set up menu items or change prices once and then roll those out to all of your stores. POS helps to maintain local pricing and changes where needed.


POS provides facilities like Mobile Order Takers, Bill Splitting service, Digital Menu Boards and Online Ordering to enhance customer experience. Bill splitting which allows flexible payment options Not only does this encourage groups to come back and dine but it helps the staff maintain order accuracy and bill the right customers for the right dish. The digital menu board allows you to present your menu and advertise your latest promotions. In addition to that you can make life easier while extending your customer reach and revenue by harnessing the power of online ordering. Combining mobile tablets with an intuitive restaurant POS interface, for example, will ensure that you achieve optimum speeds in quick service or fast casual enterprises.


Around 70% of employees have admitted to steal from employers. 23% of them belonged to the restaurant industry. The POS is an application providing error-free customer service that allows guests to see exactly what they ordered and the total cost of the meal. What these systems really offer to restaurant owners is the ability to calculate how much money should go into the bank vs. how much money should stay in the cash register. It gives you the facility to pull out information from any terminal of the business within seconds, directly through the central hub, which has access to all inventory data of your business.  This totally cuts down the EMPLOYEE THEFT.


Technology is taking over a huge part of service and evolving its definition. And mobility plays a very important role in it. From providing staff with mobile tablets to take orders and speed up service times, to accepting mobile orders direct from guests, to allowing your managers to access mobile reporting on smartphones, your restaurant POS allows you to be mobile while doing the chores. This results in more efficient and effective service production.


A Point of sale system keeps a record of inventories. It gives you the exact figure of the items sold. It continuously tracks the movement of items in your restaurant. This is a very efficient and helpful factor for any business. From providing data about the amount of sales to date of sale, price and much more, it helps you to manage sufficient amount of inventory in stock and makes sure that it never lacks in any particular item.


The right restaurant POS will provide a Gift and Loyalty solution that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of loyalty programs; increase visits, reward your customers, run targeted marketing promotions, personalize the guest experience and gather data on your guest preferences and behaviors.


Choosing the right restaurant POS system is critical to the smooth running of your restaurant. It pays to understand exactly what you do need, and what you don’t need. IMUVON POS allows you to personalize your need with your system. And the best part is it comes free of cost for one whole year. 





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