In the mid-1970s, IBM introduced the electronic cash register (ECR), the first computer-based systems used by the restaurant industry. This was revolutionary. Now we know it as POS. POS systems totally changed the way of operation of restaurants, making them secure and efficient than ever. Let us have a look at the benefit POS system offers:


To deliver a great guest experience across a number of restaurants, you need to keep menus, prices and promotions consistent. The adding of new items and products leading to revising the menu is an additional cost. With a centralized cloud-based restaurant POS, you can set up menu items or change prices once and then roll those out to all of your stores. POS helps to maintain local pricing and changes where needed.


POS provides facilities like Mobile Order Takers, Bill Splitting service, Digital Menu Boards and Online Ordering to enhance customer experience. Bill splitting which allows flexible payment options Not only does this encourage groups to come back and dine but it helps the staff maintain order accuracy and bill the right customers for the right dish. The digital menu board allows you to present your menu and advertise your latest promotions. In addition to that you can make life easier while extending your customer reach and revenue by harnessing the power of online ordering. Combining mobile tablets with an intuitive restaurant POS interface, for example, will ensure that you achieve optimum speeds in quick service or fast casual enterprises.


Around 70% of employees have admitted to steal from employers. 23% of them belonged to the restaurant industry. The POS is an application providing error-free customer service that allows guests to see exactly what they ordered and the total cost of the meal. What these systems really offer to restaurant owners is the ability to calculate how much money should go into the bank vs. how much money should stay in the cash register. It gives you the facility to pull out information from any terminal of the business within seconds, directly through the central hub, which has access to all inventory data of your business.  This totally cuts down the EMPLOYEE THEFT.


Technology is taking over a huge part of service and evolving its definition. And mobility plays a very important role in it. From providing staff with mobile tablets to take orders and speed up service times, to accepting mobile orders direct from guests, to allowing your managers to access mobile reporting on smartphones, your restaurant POS allows you to be mobile while doing the chores. This results in more efficient and effective service production.


A Point of sale system keeps a record of inventories. It gives you the exact figure of the items sold. It continuously tracks the movement of items in your restaurant. This is a very efficient and helpful factor for any business. From providing data about the amount of sales to date of sale, price and much more, it helps you to manage sufficient amount of inventory in stock and makes sure that it never lacks in any particular item.


The right restaurant POS will provide a Gift and Loyalty solution that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of loyalty programs; increase visits, reward your customers, run targeted marketing promotions, personalize the guest experience and gather data on your guest preferences and behaviors.


Choosing the right restaurant POS system is critical to the smooth running of your restaurant. It pays to understand exactly what you do need, and what you don’t need. IMUVON POS allows you to personalize your need with your system. And the best part is it comes free of cost for one whole year. 





5 Reasons Why To Never Let Go of Your Chef Dream  


The restaurant sector is the third largest among India’s service sector. A great deal of interaction with consumers goes on in this industry. Here, satisfaction of customers is a measure of efficiency and effectiveness of a business. It is that part of the service where people are a part of the product. Thus, employee’s behavior, accuracy, attitude along with the food served determines customers’ reaction towards a restaurant. This makes surviving in this field a pretty tough one compared to other parts of the service fields.

And since last few years, where people are well aware of the global fashion of dining, the expectations are going quite have been on a hike. Customers demand services that meet their expectations. With growth of economy, standards have been growing too. And restaurants too are trying best to push all the limits and provide services that are beyond imagination.

And very often, many restaurants shut down due to lack of proper customer base. Undoubtedly, restaurant industry is one of the hardest to survive even with large potential customers. But, observing the situation from behind the desk, we notice that failing to acquire customers or getting good reviews were never the problems. They were the results of many other challenges which were not tackled in time. These are the challenges everyone in the restaurant industry faces from the day when they lay down the first brick. Therefore, let’s have a look at these basic problems restaurant industry faces:


When employees interact with customers, their attitude represents the service they are providing. People will return unsatisfied even if the food is good but the waiter is snobby.In a restaurant business, people are products too. Therefore it is crucial for a manager to hire the right staff who can deal with all types of clients. Employees, who are lazy, make mistakes on a regular basis and are not skilled enough contribute a great deal to a failed service .

But even if the workforce is competent, the risk of turnover is more. There has been 29% turnover since the last decade in restaurant industry due to various reasons like lack of opportunities, inadequate remuneration and low salary. Those who are in the arena know the importance of skilled and loyal workers. The solution here, is to never stop searching. There is always someone better and more skillful. Give more light on the training procedure and organization culture. Because happier the staff, finer the service.


When all the competitors out there are expanding their business by taking online orders and reaching out to potential customers, isn’t it a natural loss that we are expecting them to walk through our door? Also, not having an AI based system adds a lot of burden to the manager’s desk. A modern POS application generates bill according to Kitchen Order Ticket eliminating mixing up of orders and bills. An automatic bill ensures there are no delays, improving the customer service. It takes online orders and reduces hassle in seating with its online booking feature. Now imagine, why would waste time waiting at your restaurant when they could get fast and effortless service at another one? The IMUVON POS is the perfect application for maintaining the bills and records. It also prepares an e-menu to keep your menu digital and manage table, order and delivery from one place.


Almost 23% of the employees in restaurant industry have admitted to stealing from employers. This key problem is programmed to unnoticed. Managers fail to find out the reason why sales register and money in the register is not matching. The employees who do these are often very clever. From bars to cashiers to kitchen, there are objects which may be tempting to employees. Employees who take food items to home, employees who give free items to someone they know and who take a bite or two to taste the food may seem pretty harmless but these practices ruin organization code of conduct. Such glitches must be observed very keenly or it may badly affect the service.


A customer orders a vegetarian dish and receives a chicken platter instead; now the chicken dish is wasted needlessly. People expect immaculate services and these mistakes if made repeatedly do not work well for the brand image of the restaurant. It may be because workers are not motivated to work or simply not interested. Inefficiency of staff directs to lack of proper training and inability of employees to feel responsible for the profit making. In this case, managers are required to constantly monitor the activities of workers and track their growth in the workplace.


Producing more than demand leads to wastage. For perishable products like food materials, storage time is minimal. There is no way to reverse it into something useful. When restaurants do not keep a track of their unused products, they do not know how much money went down the drain unnecessarily. Therefore, there must be a proper waste management system which will help tracking why and how there is difference between demand and production.


The price of the raw materials vastly impact the revenue generation. Due to limited number of vendors, there is very less to compare and goods are bought at whatever rate they are asking for. In most cases, restaurants pay more than what is required, which is acceptable if the quality is good enough. When the price is high and quality is low, both customers and restaurant suffers as they have to spend money non essentially. This subsequently affects the image of the restaurant.

So, we now know that the key problems lie behind the line of visibility. Imuvon offers solutions to people working in the restaurant industry like hiring the right people, manage the inventory and getting raw materials at lower cost than the vendors. It makes tacking with the challenges so much easier when you have to download just the Imuvon app. And what’s better? It all comes free of cost!! Finishing all of them at once may not be possible but with proper actions, they can be reduced to great amount.


5 Reasons Why To Never Let Go of Your Chef Dream

When you are passionate about cooking, you are aware about everything bit in your kitchen.  You adore crackling sound of spices going into the oil, the smell of curry leaves burning and know the exact proportion of inputs going to your dish. A burnt dish is a nightmare for and if you make something which does not taste good, it serves somewhat like a personal failure and you don’t seem to forget it for a long long time.

And the best part is, for the world whoever may be a master chef, your friends and family see you as one with the Michelin stars.

But still, when it comes to earning, cooking is not what comes first to your mind. The tables and seminar sheets replace the knives and stove. Why is it so that there seems to be a wall of fear separating the passion from profession?


And because this is such a common problem in today’s generation, here are 5 reasons you should never let go of the dream you have been cooking for years.


Where the world sees cooking as a bare minimum to survive, you see as a form of art. You are an artist and the master of what you do and art never goes unnoticed when blended with great talent. You get to create something every day and hardly any other job could give you so much pleasure. There are no hard and fast rules as to how you make a dish, it all depends on your skill and where else you can get this level of freedom?


With all those food bloggers, food shows and magazines, it is obvious that good food is highly demanded all across the globe. A talented chef is always sought after and your work and skill could take you to the extreme success. Once you prove your worthiness, all the giants of hotel industry come running after you.


There is a vast platform out there where you can get exposed to high end restaurants. Try out iMuvOn where you get directly connected with the recruiters who are looking out for talented bunch of people like you.



There is nothing better than being a good team through a busy service and all the pressure .The people you work with share your passion for cooking and may have struggled to live their dreams just like you. So the relate to you and share bonding and respect which is more than between just two colleagues.


Good food is a gift to the world. It is the medium of people connecting to each other. Look at a wedding or and festival, food continues to be the prime attraction at every occasion and will be for the coming future. There is the notion that when food is good, people are happy and we cannot disagree!!!!

And who is responsible for making that happen? The chefs who mix and match every morsel to come up with a great recipe. No doubt it feels awesome to be the reason for happiness of so many people.

Going through all the reasons, there might be a spark of hope in your mind as to why not take the leap of Well , iMuvOn makes sure you land up in the job which is perfect for you where you get valued for your work. There are recruiters out there looking out for talented chefs and we helps the find you because we know everyone with artistic cooking aspirations wants to work for and learn from the best.


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