5 Reasons Why To Never Let Go of Your Chef Dream

When you are passionate about cooking, you are aware about everything bit in your kitchen.  You adore crackling sound of spices going into the oil, the smell of curry leaves burning and know the exact proportion of inputs going to your dish. A burnt dish is a nightmare for and if you make something which does not taste good, it serves somewhat like a personal failure and you don’t seem to forget it for a long long time.

And the best part is, for the world whoever may be a master chef, your friends and family see you as one with the Michelin stars.

But still, when it comes to earning, cooking is not what comes first to your mind. The tables and seminar sheets replace the knives and stove. Why is it so that there seems to be a wall of fear separating the passion from profession?


And because this is such a common problem in today’s generation, here are 5 reasons you should never let go of the dream you have been cooking for years.


Where the world sees cooking as a bare minimum to survive, you see as a form of art. You are an artist and the master of what you do and art never goes unnoticed when blended with great talent. You get to create something every day and hardly any other job could give you so much pleasure. There are no hard and fast rules as to how you make a dish, it all depends on your skill and where else you can get this level of freedom?


With all those food bloggers, food shows and magazines, it is obvious that good food is highly demanded all across the globe. A talented chef is always sought after and your work and skill could take you to the extreme success. Once you prove your worthiness, all the giants of hotel industry come running after you.


There is a vast platform out there where you can get exposed to high end restaurants. Try out iMuvOn where you get directly connected with the recruiters who are looking out for talented bunch of people like you.



There is nothing better than being a good team through a busy service and all the pressure .The people you work with share your passion for cooking and may have struggled to live their dreams just like you. So the relate to you and share bonding and respect which is more than between just two colleagues.


Good food is a gift to the world. It is the medium of people connecting to each other. Look at a wedding or and festival, food continues to be the prime attraction at every occasion and will be for the coming future. There is the notion that when food is good, people are happy and we cannot disagree!!!!

And who is responsible for making that happen? The chefs who mix and match every morsel to come up with a great recipe. No doubt it feels awesome to be the reason for happiness of so many people.

Going through all the reasons, there might be a spark of hope in your mind as to why not take the leap of Well , iMuvOn makes sure you land up in the job which is perfect for you where you get valued for your work. There are recruiters out there looking out for talented chefs and we helps the find you because we know everyone with artistic cooking aspirations wants to work for and learn from the best.

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